Friday, January 16, 2009

The Loonie Puppet

So called cause in Canada a "Loonie" is slang for $1. Also called "Loonie" as in "Loony," as in"You Can Make The Puppet Act Loony If You Want To". See, we have $1 coins here, and they have a picture of a bird on them. A loon, in fact. See how it's all making "cents" now?

This is a "How To" sheet you might useful, if you happen to be a stop motion fan that's just starting to get into the medium. It came about from the stop motion intro course I teach at Sheridan. I wanted to devise a simple (yet challenging) way to allow students to cheaply make their own puppets that could really be animated, and could be animated on any flat surface, like a desk or table top. It also had to NOT require fancy materials, tools, resources.

Be sure you click on this image first, THEN download that enlarged image. Scale it to fit the paper when you print, and you should end up with a scale drawing of the puppet that's approximately 11cm (4 1/4" inches) high.

But even if you make something that's approximately that height, you should be OK. Just don't make it 3cm (1") high, which would be too small to animate. And don't make it 20cm (8") high, which would be too tall to stand up properly. You get the idea.

Read my posting below about "Sheridan Stop Mo" and follow the links to see some examples of what this little critter can do...

Have fun!


jriggity said...

Excellent shared knowledge!


ChrisW said...

That's what stop mo is all about. That, and fast cars.