Thursday, February 12, 2009

Congrats To Coraline!

I recently blogged about my emotional response to Coraline. Now allow me to don my businessman hat (that makes me shrewd, calculating and completely cold in my assessments).

In its opening weekend, Coraline struck GOLD at the box office. Check the numbers for yourself, here.

Check here to compare its opening numbers to other stop motion features. Ta-da! Number One (not sure where NBC would fit in, it's not rated).

Looks like Laika has successfully positioned itself to be the go-to studio for stop motion features. Let Pixar be Pixar... let Dreamworks be Dreamworks. Do ONE thing (one very important thing), better than anyone on the planet. You simply can't overstate how important these opening weekend numbers are for Laika, and for stop motion.

Wow. A wonderfully inventive and technically remarkable film, made with love, that oozes REAL charm and imagination KICKED ASS at the box office.

Pinch me.

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jriggity said...

Its a good Time for stop mo dorks for sure!