Friday, July 3, 2009

Canadian Cinema in Revue

Got a Facebook invite to this. I can't make it, but I can promote it! And I can promote the film too- here's the official website.

As with the Naked Frames Festival (a few entries ago), I strongly support any venue that provides audiences with something other than multi-stink mega films.

Opportunities to show interesting/ crazy/ exciting/ original motion picture work continues to shrink, so when something brave enough to fly in the face of the Walmart style theatres peeks its head up, it's a special thing.

For those that are not in the Toronto area, there's a bit of a pun in the title of this program, as The Revue is a local rep cinema that plays a big part in the cultural community of its neighbourhood.

Here's the quote from the Facebook invite:

"The Revue continues its new monthly program, Canadian Cinema in Revue. The series showcases features and short films made by Canada’s most interesting and innovative filmmakers. Directors, writers and actors involved with the films will be invited for question and answer sessions following the screenings.

Curated by critic and filmmaker Alan Bacchus, the series continues with Andrew’s Currie’s deadpan zombie comedy, FIDO.

After a successful festival run at TIFF, Sundance and SXSW, a broad Canadian theatrical release and a US release, Fido is ripe for a resurgence back on the big screen. Currie’s comedy smoothly combines Douglas Sirk-style 50’s suburban melodrama with a post-modern zombie subversion of “Shawn of the Dead”.

Complimenting the satirical theme is Jesse McKeown’s glorious send-up of Hollywood action trailers, The Big Charade, a full feature length story told with all the cinematic bravura of a multi-million production in only 6mins.

Following the screening writer/director Andrew Currie and his co-writer Dennis Heaton will skype in on the big screen from Vancouver for a Q&A.

Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 for Revue Members and sponsoring groups."

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