Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nick Craine

The above pic is "R. Crumb" by Nick Craine. A bigger scan is to be found on Nick's blog.

Memory lane time: as a Grade 9 (or was it 10? 11?) high school punk, arts-oriented, growing up in the sticks of Southern Ontario, I didn't exactly have direct inspiration in terms of peers. I had to look for it. And so I turned to the local comic book scene in the nearest biggish city- Guelph. That's where Nick Craine was, a comic artist with his very own title- The Cheese Heads.

Nick was kind enough to introduce me to the "urban" lifestyle: coffee, edgy comics like RAW, more coffee. Some more coffee.

He took a look at my modest sketch book with lots of crazy monsters and weird little comics, and simply encouraged me. Nothing fancy, he just said "This is good. Keep going". Proof-positive of how easy it is to influence someone (for their own growth) by simply taking a minute.

Today, Nick has widened his world of art into music, illustration, and film making. His official site is here.

And he's recently started a blog, which is here.

His blog is crafted in a personal and honest writing style, with thought-provoking insights. Not to mention the visual art work (which is wonderful).

Go check it out.

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