Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stuffed Toy Goodness

I'm having fun making little critters like this one for my little guy. Nate's almost two now, and he's got a lot of love to give to stuff animals, so I'm happy to oblige.

He named this guy "Bert".

The nice thing about making toys like this is that they are fast to make, compared to the work that goes into a puppet. And of course, when a stuffed toy is done, it's ready to be loved. Even once you finish a puppet, it still has to perform.

Making stuffed animals is a really simple pleasure. And it's such a great feeling to hand something I've made to my son, who in turn simply hugs it and loves it.

A very simple thing. I wish all of life was like that!


kathryn durst said...

omg that is adorable.
i also love making stuffed toys!
check out some cool stuffed animal blogs:

Carla Veldman said...

I received a link to a video (I'm not sure if you'd classify it as stop-motion, live-action, or technically animation at all) but it's an interesting hybrid of comic-book-type drawings meets pop-up books/ Christmas chocolate countdown calendars. I'm afraid I can't say anything about what it's for/who it's by either, but it's kinda neat:

p.s. I like Bert.

jriggity said...

Awesome man!

Aedon ...our daughter...created the most cool stuffed animal for a b day present last week. cool....I didnt want to give it away...ha!

good work man.


ChrisW said...

Hey Kathryn: Great links, thanks! The first one is awesome- such delicate little creatures with heaps of personality and detail, wow...

Hey Carla: that link is a no-load... maybe someone took down the vid? :(

jriggity: as long as we have kids to do this fun stuff for, the world will let us get away with it! what do we do after they've grown up? hope for grandkids, i guess...

Carla Veldman said...

what! weird. the link appears cut off in my previous comment, but I copy and pasted it into another window and it still worked. Here's another place to find it:
or just type "Parkour paper animation" into google and it'll show up.