Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Higglety-Pigglety Pop! - Update

From the creators of Madame Tutli- Putli comes this adaptation of the Maurice Sendak book. It's available on the Blue-Ray of Where The Wild Things Are (but not the dvd, so us poor schmucks are out of luck).

You can see clips here.

It features some wonderful puppet work (from what I've seen from these clips), and good on the NFB for working with a major studio (Warner) to create something artistically distinctive, but at the same time commercially oriented.

It was created in part through Concordia University in Montreal, through an Intern project. It's an exciting thing to see an educational institute strive to work with industry to create significant work. I'm personally a very big fan of schools reaching out to industry to forge stronger ties. It really helps industry, the school, and most importantly students.


Carla Veldman said...

0ooh this looks gorgeous!

jriggity said...

man...this stuff is so cool!


Ghoul Friday said...

Have been a huge fan of the book for years. They've done an amazing job.