Sunday, May 2, 2010

Neat Home Made Amplifier

Stop motion people tend to enjoy messing and modifying and remixing things, sometimes just for fun. Other times it's to achieve something for a project. Often it's for BOTH reasons- it's fun, and it gets the job done.

Here's a very simple and elegant little thing- a way to amplify (and then distort if you want) just about any sound you can tape the unit on to.

For some reason youtube is being difficult when it comes to embedding, and is cropping clips off. Is that a way to make people have to go to the actual youtube site to watch clips properly, as a way of getting more eyes on to youtube ads, so as to generate more $ for youtube.

Or maybe I'm just cynical about giant money-making entities. Anyway:

You can see the original stop motion blog this clip comes from, by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris!

Actually, I can't take credit for that clip. Someone else posted it on Youtube, I only linked to it. It's a great idea, though. Almost bought a lapel mic before I heard about this. The shotgun I had wasn't cutting it.

You know what would be really cool, though... A VST plugin that simulates spacial characteristics so worldizing wouldn't be as neccessary due to everything being so closely miked.

Nathan Dickey said...
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