Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Move On Over To MAD LAB!

This, dead reader, is the final entry for this blog. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it?

It all started with a massive tome of an entry, about Barnaby, way back in 2008.

And who can forget all the puppet making postings I did, like THIS one?

And of course, there was a call to arms to resist the continued decline of film making, which can be read here.

Yes, we have a lot of memories- you, me, and walsh-o-matic.

But the time has come to shut it down. I certainly won't be  TAKING it down cause there really is a heap of content here, and I think the puppet-making stuff is especially useful. But my energy has to go somewhere other than this blog. And that other place is:

More specifically, it's my new production company called MAD LAB PRODUCTIONS. 

It's a company whose purpose is to focus on the creation of animation. And more specifically, animation in the genres of SCI-FI, HORROR, AND COMEDY (and any combo of the 3 that tickle our fancy). Geri Bertolo is my partner in this. Geri has a brain that is stewed in more cartoon craziness than just about anyone I know, and together we're making some pretty neat stuff...

We have a production blog, that can be found here, and we're very active in general online, through Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube, all of which you can access via our website page. I really hope you'll subscribe to us on YouTube. The more subscribers we have, the more we know we have an active audience that wants to see more animation, and the more inspired we'll be.

So I hope you'll make the move (if you happen to still be haunting this blog), over to Mad Lab. If you like the honesty, integrity and (upon occasion) fun sense of humour from this blog, I personally 10000% assure you that you'll be happy with the work Mad Lab is doing.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting in this little corner of the internet over the past 4 years. Hope to see you (and hear from you!) over in the Lab...

The MAD LAB, that is!!!! (you can cue crazy laughter here, and flashes of electricity... )

One final comment: I apologize for how ugly this blog currently is (this one, not the Mad Lab blog!) Blogger has some very strange ideas when it comes to "user friendly", and as such I cannot, with sinking hours and hours of my life into it, figure out how to make this blog NOT look horrible. Sorry about that.

But I assure you, Mad Lab's blog looks nicer! Come on, give it a click.

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