Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forrest J. Ackerman Estate Auction

Click on the above image to see it in detail.

From all reports, Forry Ackerman (who died in 2008) was not only the world's foremost collector of sci-fi and horror film memorabilia, he was also simply an awesome guy. I never had a chance to visit his "Ackermansion" to see his collection, although I imagine I would have been welcomed, mostly because it sounds like everyone was!

The final piece of evidence that the man was an awesome guy is perhaps what he stipulated in his will: that his remarkable collection be made available for auction to movie fans everywhere, so that everyone would have a chance to own some of their own Hollywood magic.

The auction site can be found here.

I'm not that clear on the details of the auction, or how it was held (the last lots were auctioned this morning). I guess it was conducted completely online? Are the unsold items still available? I was a bit stunned by the asking prices, and the somewhat confusing website.

But even if you aren't into dropping thousands of dollars,I recommend you download the various lots (as pdfs, which are FREE, of course), and simply sort through what the man held. It's stunning. On any one single page, you'll find iconic items from A-list Hollywood flicks. Just remarkable. And you'll also find crazy stuff from C, D, and E- list flicks. This man loved it all (or at least loved collecting it all!)

I don't think they make 'em like this any more.


jriggity said...

If I was rich Id be alot like this dood!



ChrisW said...

If I was rich, I'd buy some of the stop motion puppets he had!

I imagine those prices are the opening asking price, and then they come down if no one bids... but since I've never actually been involved in an auction, I'm only guessing.

When Harold Ramis' Ghostbuster jumpsuit gets down to $20, I'm IN!

Jaz said...

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