Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go Nerdland!!!

So the pilot episode of Nerdland (which was created by many, many people that are near and dear to my heart) is doing very well in the voting. In fact, it's in the lead. This is extremely exciting, because if it wins, it is a huge boost to landing more funding to make MORE episodes.

But it still needs MORE votes. You can vote as often as you like, apparently.

So here are directions from the show's creator, Ted:

1. Go to
2. On the right-hand side you’ll see a schedule of shows each with the word vote against it (I’m telling you this because it’s really not obvious not because I think you need help with simple instructions)
3. Click the “Vote” beside Nerdland
4. Do this 5,000 times

Help support stop motion productions! Go and vote!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris - was just informed that voting is closed and Nerdland took first place. Thanks for the support!

ChrisW said...

Great news, Brendan! I think this calls for an updating post!