Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meow and Amy Lee

Here's something kinda fun I came across the other day, and decided to post it on youtube. This was before I learned stop motion, but still had ideas that were animated (in a way).

It was imagined as a pilot, as a segment that might be dropped into a larger show, or aired on its own as a little filler/bumper.

The premise is based on a fun little girl character I imagined, named Amy Lee.

She loves to learn (about anything), and to present what she's learn to classmates and teachers. So each episode would be essentially a slideshow of drawings she'd done, and a voice over (her presentation) to go with it. And her stuffed cat, Meow, helps her (in strange and rather surreal ways).

It's fun to think about how much storytelling you can do in this format- still images, with voices and music over top...

I never had the chance to develop it further (life took me in different directions). I still quite like the rich crayon colours- crayons are so pretty and fun. I hadn't watched it in a long time, and I was taken aback by its warped sense of humour. She's a weird kid. I like that.

Oddly enough, all the "Bigfoot facts" are just that- if you research Bigfoot lore, all this stuff is true! Well, as true as can be.

Apparently Amy Lee takes her research seriously, even in the realms of cryptozoology.

Hope you like it.


rogue evolent said...

No Chris, I didn't "like it"
I ABSOLUTLEY FREAKIN' LOVED IT!!!! The sweet, simple humor, the clean crisp drawings and the voice talent. Post MORE, make MORE...
Meow and Amy Lee are wonderful.

Carla Veldman said...

charming! (for lack of a better word). I like the tone of the narration; inquisitive and expressive and it reminds me of the days of grade school research projects, (in a good way). Ditto on seeing more.

ChrisW said...

Cool, thanks for the feedback! Really nice to hear it works...

It's funny, when I made this video 8 years ago (wow), posting something easily online for people to watch was completely unrealistic. It would have been too tricky, in terms of technology.

So it's really nice to see it "come back to life" online.

I'm not in touch with the woman who did the voice anymore... she did a really nice job (hearing it again after several years).

But Amy Lee might live again some day... we shall see!

jriggity said...

Very Charming stuff!

and great drawngs ta boot!!