Saturday, February 27, 2010

Axe Cop

Axe Cop Comic

As the site says, "Written By A 5 Year Old And Illustrated By His 29 Year Old Brother".

Be sure to read the "Ask Axe Cop" pieces. Question 3 is currently my favourite. If I could, I would relax in the exact same way.


jriggity said...


thats some funny stuff!


sussman said...

that comic is super great haha

ChrisW said...

I love the process- the 5 year old's stories, put to images by the trained 29 year old. It makes for such a strange and totally exciting story.

You literally have NO idea where things will go... yet there is a structure and attention to maintaining story lines.

Also, I really hope I can swing something like this with my boy when he's a bit bigger. Not a comic, but maybe some animation projects... at least until he outgrows his old man...