Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Puppet Making Book

I plucked this one off the stacks at Sheridan's library a few months ago, just at random. It's not for making stop motion puppets, but rather various hand puppets. The book very much impressed me for a number of reasons.

First, it's a very cute, tidy, "pocketbook" size. Charming. An easy read/reference.

Second, it's filled with very clear and well explained puppet "stuff". This includes not just hand puppets, but also stages for puppet shows. Some are very simple, some are complex, but all are explained very clearly.

Third, the book has a great tone. It's witty, and reads as though the writer had fun putting it all together.

Fourth, the actual puppets that the book shows how to make are clever and charming, and encourage the imagination of the reader to envision variations on designs and methods.

Fifth (and finally)- the book is DIRT cheap. has it for approx. $10 (Can).

For all these reasons, I ordered myself a copy.

I highly recommend this little gem.

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