Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Festival

Happy to report I just got word that my zombie film "Rise of The Living Corpse" has just been accepted to another festival. This one is the Maelstrom International Fantastic Festival, in Seattle.

I'm now 5 for 6 on festivals I've heard back from... it's the best average I've ever had on a short film, to be honest. Funny how you learn as you go (and keep learning). From this high percentage of acceptances at horror festivals (as opposed to animation festivals) it makes me think of the age-old saying: "Give 'em what they want."

It seems that what "they" want is my horror films (not that this short is truly a horror film in any graphic sense, it's actually totally G-rated). And if "they" are wanting that, perhaps that is what I should keep giving them.

It's an interesting approach for an indie animator to consider- create genre or niche films that appeal to a specific audience, but do it in animation.

Anything to be different, I guess.


Ghoul Friday said...

I'm baffled that TAD turned you down. BUT I am SO pleased to hear you're having wonderful success with other festivals!

jriggity said...

Great news man!!

Getting accepted to festivals is definitely a bit of a High.