Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back In Action

It's been ages since I've posted. A lot has been going on in the "real world" that has found me with no time or energy for the virtual world.

The main thing has been moving my family to a new town. Essentially, the past six months of our lives have been taken up by "moving" in some way- looking for a new home, buying a new home, prepping our old home to sell, then selling that old home, then moving into our new home.

The past two months have been especially intense. Once we got possession of the new house, we had some pretty major renovations to tackle, while also packing to move out of the old house. Then once into the new house, it's been madness just trying get some boxes unpacked and live a semi-normal life.

The good news is that the move has truly been "life-changing" in a very real (and very positive) way. We love our new home, our new hood, our new town, and it's SO good for our son. He now has heaps of grass to run on, parks and fields to play in, a stellar library to get smart in, and his very own PLAY ROOM. That is, a room dedicated to (you guessed it) playing. It's a room he'll be able to grow with, a room to be himself, to have fun, to just be a kid.

And personally, I'm really looking forward to this winter, when I plan to do some fun mural monsters for him.

My son isn't the only one with play space. I also get my "own room". And for lack of a better name I'll call it my studio.

The little room is humble, it's a mess for now, but it's big enough to "make stuff" in, and that's enough.

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