Monday, June 29, 2009

Naked Frames Film Fest

The Named Frames Film Fest is just starting up in Toronto, and I have to say- it's much needed!

Toronto already has a massive amount of festivals, serving all kinds of audiences, but what it could use more of is a forum for truly indie animators to showcase their work.

Admittedly, there is TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society), but the more chances to let animators get their work on a big screen, to connect with the community, and to raise their own profiles is extremely important. Without support like this, these brave and incredibly talented souls (many of whom are actually professional animators by day, and toil away on their own visions at night or on weekends) might run out of steam. And then all we'll have left to watch is multi-plex cinemas showing 10 screens worth of the latest mega-studio production, that was written by teams of hundreds to appeal to the broadest audience possible.

A festival like this celebrates and supports truly indie animated art, so please support it. Here's the official promo from the organizers...

"Naked Frames Film Festival is looking for animation films and music videos of any medium to showcase at it's inaugural event!

Naked Frames was created to showcase the independent Toronto animation and film industry by offering the opportunity for artists to display their work on a full-size silver screen with digital sound while enjoying the rockin' tunes of Bob Wiseman and Radius & Helena after the show!

The Naked Frames Series features some of the most relevant, innovative and weird music videos and animated film from the wellspring of talent that is the independent arts community. Our aim is to raise the profile of noteworthy, independent artists, with emphasis on local Canadian talent, through theatrical programmes at the Revue cinema.

The Naked Frames series is put on by a shadowy council of artists concerned with providing exposure to all things cool. Despite the growing number of film festivals in Toronto, there still remains a lack of venues for low to no budget animation and film. These films are largely created by artists who willingly submit themselves to poor working conditions, meager subsistence, and heart wrenching seclusion over a number of years to produce startlingly original pieces. We applaud that sort of thing.

The series organizers are looking for submissions for this and future series events.


Naked Frames Film Fest - Friday July 16th
Revue Cinema - 400 Roncesvalles Avenue"

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