Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pre-Code Horror Comics!

Scooped this link straight from the pages of Rue Morgue, Toronto's own amazing horror monthly.

The blog is

It features high rez scans of stories and ads from Pre-Comic Code horror comic books. The site is well laid out, loads fast, and is easy to navigate, making the act of reading the comics online pretty pain-free. It's not as good as having the comic in your hands (no wonderful smell of musty newsprint), but it's still a good time. And the blog is full of love for the gory mess that was pulpy shock stories.

Some of these tales are truly nasty and wild, so prepare your eyeballs...mwa ha ha haaaaaaaa...

By the way, as you can tell from the image below, the June issue of Rue Morgue features lengthy articles devoted to stop motion master Ray Harryhausen, so get it while it's in stores.

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