Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yes, my film True Family Story now goes by an acronym, "TFS". Deal with it.

Anyway, in the flavour of fun, here's a few more tasty stills. I must say, doing some "horror movie" scenes in this project was WAY too much fun (and has been going over pretty well with the selected victims I've been showing footage to). It might be hard to resist doing an all-out horror movie in the future...

Regarding the film, I'm about to end the first portion of shooting, before going on some nice holidays. The film is approximately 75% shot, with the remaining shots to be done either at the end of summer (when I'm back at school), or over the Fall semester (on evenings and weekends). Then the sound and score... I'm hoping to have it completely finished to show off, come Spring 2010.

I could probably rush and push and get it done sooner, but the school year makes it hard to move it forward (what with teaching those darn students), and I don't WANT to rush it. I want to take time, and make the process enjoyable. It's my own thing, for no external client, and so I need to enjoy that.

It's actually really nice to work at a modest, humane pace.

I have a whole heap of further posts, a lot of behind-the-scene stuff about story, puppet making, lighting and so on, that I'll start tossing up here in the coming weeks. It will be an awesome thing to tackle while on vacation.

Stay tuned.

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ooooo.....more cool pics!

keep um comin.